Tarisland Pre-Registration are Live for Global Launch

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Finally, the wait is over the Tarisland pre-registration is live for global launch. Tarisland is the much-awaited multi-platform game seeking launch from last year 2023 but now the wait finally comes to an end as the pre-registration of the game is live for global launch.

About Tarisland Pre-Registration

Tarisland is a new free-to-play fantasy MMORPG that invites players to explore a fascinating realm full with engaging storylines and unique gaming experiences. The game will be available on both PC and mobile platforms, and it is being built using the powerful Unreal Engine 4. Over the last several days, the developers have answered the most frequently asked questions by players on monetization, PvP, and other topics.

LI Pass members who pre-register will get unique in-game horses, pets, and other perks from Millstone Events. Additionally, throughout the giveaway event, players will be able to win a variety of in-game awards as well as genuine prizes such as an iPhone, $50 gift cards, PC graphics cards, and more. All of these events may be accessed and tracked on the game’s official website.

Tarisland Pre-Registration are Live for Global Launch
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 The developers decided to launch the game’s pre-registration campaign globally for PC (via the official website ) and mobile devices (via Google Play and App Store ).

Along with the campaign’s debut, the developer has begun a series of digital events and activations in which users may win a range of special goodies.


  • What is Tarisland?

Tarisland is a mobile game set in a fantasy world where players build and manage their islands, and explore dungeons, and battle creatures.

  • How can I pre-register for Tarisland?

Visit the game’s official website or app store to pre-register for notifications about the global launch.

  • When will Tarisland be globally launched?

Tarisland’s global launch date has not been announced yet. Pre-register to receive updates on the official release.

  • What are the benefits of pre-registering for Tarisland?

Pre-registering often grants exclusive rewards or in-game items for early adopters will get unique in-game horses, pets, and other perks from Millstone Events upon the game’s official launch.

  • Is Tarisland free to play?

Yes, Tarisland is free to play with optional in-game purchases available. Enjoy the game without any upfront costs.

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