LEGO Fortnite Farm Friends Update, Village improvements and Animal recruitment.

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Fortnite announced the Farm Friends update will drop today April 23rd, 2024 in their official blog post.

The update is all set to drop at 4 PM ET.

LEGO Fortnight will bring a range of village improvements alongside animal recruitment in the latest update v29.30.

Features of LEGO Fortnite Farm Friends Update:

The Farm Friends update increases the Village recruitment cap to ten per Village. Three Village slots are available to Villagers, three slots are available to animals, and four slots are available to Villagers OR animals. -Official Statement.

You can recruit sheep, cows, and chickens to your village alongside the new arrivals, the Pigs. 

Tame and Recruit Animals

Through this update now you can recruit animals easily by following these steps:

  • Build an Animal House

To tame animals you need to gain their trust before you lead them to your village. Your responsibility is to give them shelter and protection therefore you need to build an animal house for them, You’ll easily unlock once your village reaches level 2.

LEGO Fortnite Farm Friends Update,
Image by Fortnite
  • Feed the Animals

You’ll make your place in the animal’s heart if you feed them, Unlock the special “Animal treat” once you unlock & build the Animal house.

LEGO Fortnite Farm Friends Update,
Image by Fortnite
  • Become the Shepherd

If the animals accept your animal treat you’ve got a limited time to get them to your village.

It’s your responsibility to make their journey peaceful, avoiding any unpleasant encounters with wild animals.

Lure them into a vehicle for a quick journey, use a Fishing Rod to pull them across tight spots, or cross barriers by building bridges! If the animal gets hurt on the journey, make sure to heal them by giving them another Animal Treat. 

  • Assign them an Animal Home

Once you get them to your village assign them their respective animal house individually. Now it’s your job to ensure they live happily in your farm.

LEGO Fortnite Farm Friends Update,
Image by Fortnite

Additional features

NEW Villagers

Five new Villagers are ready to lend a helping hand and separate the wheat from the chaff! Cadence is a master woodworker, Ash is wild about plants, and Brooks is all about channeling nature’s beat! 

As for the bright and cheerful engineer Lana Llane, she can’t wait to settle in a Village and find some new projects to work on. And then there’s Guernsey. Guernsey is… one of a kind. 

Resource Galore

Farm your animals and they will reward you with the resources mentioned below:

  • Chickens produce Feathers and Fertilizer over time.

  • Cows produce Milk and Fertilizer over time.

  • Sheep produce Wool and fertilizer over time.

  • Pigs produce Mushrooms and Fertilizer over time.

Some New Animal Variants

  • Brown and tan chickens spawn in the Dry Valley.

  • Yellow chickens spawn in the Grasslands.

  • Cows now have different spot patterns and colors. 

These new Variants will be added in Game.

BUG Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where stamina would sometimes become enabled in worlds where stamina was turned off.

  • Fixed an issue where saplings couldn’t be destroyed if they were growing near other objects.

  • Fixed an issue where swords would sometimes stop doing damage.

  • Fixed an issue where the first attack from swords would sometimes miss.

  • Fixed an issue that caused some Pickaxes to stop doing damage to certain objects.

  • Villagers no longer pester players when players are regenerating Health.

  • Starting a sneak while sprinting no longer makes players stuck in sprinting.

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