Steam Necromantic a new Rival of Vampire Survivors? Wishlist now for Beta

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Necromantic a new Vampire survivor-like PC game will now be available for beta testing this summer, currently available to add to a wish list at Steam.

How to add Steam Necromantic to Wishlist?

Necromantic is a unique horror game that takes the genre in new directions. It includes bullet heaven action that tests the player’s ability to survive as long as possible in the face of hordes of competitors, as well as a school element that adds unique twists to the formula.

In it, players spend the day as students at an adventure school. This section of the game involves interacting with other students, studying, and completing homework to improve the protagonist’s reputation at school (especially with their crush) and better fight off opponents who appear to challenge the player each night.

Steps to add Necomantic to your wishlist

It is important to add necromantic to your wish list in order to get early access to the game,

It is quite a simple process to add Necromantic to your wishlist, go to the official site of Necromantic or Steam by the embedded code in this article. Then scroll down a bit and you will see the option of adding to your wish list, log in to your Steam account and click the button to add it to your wish list.

Then you’ll be eligible for early access to the game the release date is still not revealed by the publisher Blinkmoon studios

Necromantic Gameplay

Steam Necromantic a new Rival of Vampire Survivors
Image By Necromantic

The fighting in the game includes learning to employ over 40 distinct skills and weapons, as well as carefully selecting how to grow a character as they level up. All of this is playable alone or in multiplayer mode.

Additional Information

There is no stated release date for Necromantic yet, but it will be available in Early Access on Steam later this spring. You can learn more about the game on its Steam page right here.


  • What is Necromantic?

Necromantic is an upcoming game featuring unique survival elements, rivaling Vampire Survivors.

  • How does it differ from Vampire Survivors?

Focuses on necromancy and dark themes, offering a fresh gameplay experience.

  • Why should I wishlist Necromantic for beta access?

Early access provides exclusive content and a chance to shape the game.

  • When is Necromantic’s early access is expected to be released?

The Early access is expected to live this summer.

  • Where can I wishlist Necromantic?

Wishlist Necromantic on popular platform Steam to access the beta and show support.

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