No More Steam Refunds if you do this, New Policy update

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Eight years back the publisher Valve had begun offering a no-question-asked refund policy applicable to any gaming purchase on Steam, Unless you apply for a refund before 14 days of purchase and haven’t crossed the playable limit of 2 hours. 

In this article, we will inform you all about this policy update by the publisher, so you get your refunds on time without any trouble.

New Steam Refunds Policy

When Valve began allowing players to play games ahead of their release dates through its “Early Access” and “Advanced Access” programs, it created a loophole: individuals could play for many, many hours before launch and then request a refund.

As we tell you at the start of this article there was no question asked refund policy till 14 days ahead of buying the game, But most of the users were exploiting this policy by playing the game for hours before the launch and getting refunds after enjoying the game, which is kinda exploitation of this policy and negatively impacting on the company as well.

No More Steam Refunds if you do this, New Policy update
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From today 24 April, There will be a slight change in the policies including the early access play time will be counted into your 2hr play limit policy.

That means if you play the game exceeding the limit of two hours even before the launch of the game you will not be eligible to ask for refund from Steam.

‘For example, if you purchase a game that is in early access or advanced access, any playtime will count against the two-hour refund limit.

‘If you pre-purchase a title which is not playable prior to the release date, you can request a refund at any time prior to release of that title, and the standard 14-day/two-hour refund period will apply starting on the game’s release date.’


  • What is the new Steam refund policy update?

Steam will deny refunds for games played for more than two hours(even in early access phase) or owned for more than two weeks.

  • Why did Steam implement this change?

To discourage abuse of the refund system by players completing games and requesting refunds.

  • How can I avoid issues with Steam refunds?

Refrain from playing games extensively before deciding to keep or refund them.

  • Can I still request a refund under certain circumstances?

Yes, refunds may be granted at Valve’s discretion based on individual cases.

  • Where can I find more details about Steam’s refund policy?

Visit Steam’s official website or support page for comprehensive information on refund policies and guidelines.

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