Cillian Murphy to appear as Villain in Far Cry 7?

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Recently a leaker revealed that Cillian Murphy will play a lead villain in Far Cry 7. The game is currently in a development stage where anything is possible.

In this article, we will inform you about all these leaks, their credibility, and what could we expect in the game?

Cillian Murphy as Main Villain in Far Cry 7

This is not the first time where franchise is looking for a celebrity villain in their game. In the previous parts of the game, they already cast celebrities as the bad guy, Far Cry 6 Giancarlo Esposito.

The world-famous Far Cry 3 villain Vaas was also played by Michael Mando, who is the most recognizable villain in the history of the franchise.

A leaker named j0nathan uploaded a series of images claiming that Cillian Murphy is stepping up in a major way with Far Cry 7.

Despite these leaks, there is no such official confirmation from the developers but when we look at the past of this leaker most of his leaks came true.

It could be possible that Cillian Murphy will appear as the main villain recently, he won the Oscar award for Best Actor for the movie Oppenheimer.

Cillian Murphy to appear as Villain in Far Cry 7
Image by Press Start Australia

He became famous worldwide for his work in the series Peaky Blinders and recently released Oppenheimer he gained more popularity since he won the Oscar making him a much more familiar face to the audience.


  • Is Cillian Murphy confirmed for Far Cry 7?

There is no official confirmation yet; it’s based on rumors.

  • What role will Cillian Murphy play?

If true, he could potentially portray a villainous character in the game.

  • When will Far Cry 7 be released?

Release details for Far Cry 7 have not been announced.

  • Where did the rumor originate?

The rumor surfaced from online posts by a leaker named j0nathan.

  • Is Cillian Murphy known for video game roles?

Murphy is primarily known for his film and TV work; this would mark a potential debut in video games.

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