3.1 update BGMI Release Date Delayed?

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3.1 update BGMI release date postponed. Fans are disappointed as they were expecting today 20 March the release date of upcoming the most awaited 3.1 update.

BGMI Is a fan-favorite game in India released back in 2021 and became instantly popular among all age groups. The game has over 100 million downloads alone in India. BGMI, the highly popular battle royale title by Krafton is gearing up for its upcoming update and the players are excited. The new update 3.1 introduces a variety of new features, content, a new game mode, skins, recalls, and much more.

Yesterday on 19 March 2024, The current Update gameplay mode shadow force mode was removed from the game and today on 20th March the new update release was expected.

Suddenly this morning YouTube was filled with videos claiming the update was delayed. 

Youtubers claim that the new WOW mode is one of the reasons behind the delay of the update. 

What will be the 3.1 Update BGMI release Date?

As of now, there is no such confirmed date announced by Krafton. But by the sources it is said that the update has been delayed by one week now it is rumoured to be released on the 27th of March at 8:00 AM.

BGMI: Update 3.1 Will Not Run on Select Older Android and iOS Devices:

This morning Krafton released a notice on their site regarding 3.1 update.

According to the announcement, the BGMI will not be accessible on Android devices below the 4.4 version and Apple devices below the iOS 10 version.

This tab has been taken to enhance the gaming experience and to restrict the activities that spoil the gaming environment like applying cheats and hacks to the game.

3.1 update bgmi release date

Update 3.1 Features

In the new 3.1 BGMI Update, The new Arabian night mode will be introduced. In this mode, players can jump onto flying nimbus islands as hot drops. If you get eliminated there you will be dropped randomly over the map of  Erangel.

Players will get two recalls in the Arabian night mode the one you will get when you land on Nimbus Island, After you get eliminated you will still have one recall in hand which can be used till 3rd zone.

WOW Mode: The new wow mode will be introduced in the new 3.1 bgmi update. Where you can play customizable maps according to your preference and mood.

Apparently, this wow mode is the main reason behind the delay of this update. Fans were eagerly waiting for this update but as it is delayed for now the fans are disappointed by Krafton Management.

One of the main reasons behind fans’ disappointment is also the removal of the current shadow force mode. Fans are asking if the update is supposed to be delayed then why the mode was removed 8 days back from the update.

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