Fallout 4 Next Gen Upgrade is Live for PC, Xbox, and PlayStations

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Fallout 4 next gen upgrade, One of the most long-awaited update is finally out for PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X, and PC gamers. Yesterday on 25 April Bethesda shared a series of patch notes on their official website The major focus of this update is performance, upgrade introducing new features, and some bug fixes.

Fallout 4 Next Gen Upgrade Features:

This next-gen update was first introduced in 2022 where it is scheduled to be launched in late 2023 but the release date was postponed to the first quarter of 2024. But now it is live to download across all platforms.

New Version and Performance

Bethesda has released a dedicated console version of Fallout 4 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

The version includes two different modes which are performance and quality modes.

Performance Mode: Gamers in performance mode will get 4K resolution at 60fps with regular settings with dynamic resolution scaling.

The Quality Mode: The Quality mode targets 4K resolutions at 30fps with extreme settings and should not necessitate dynamic resolution scaling.

Additionally, The new wide screen and Ultra wide screen support are added for Fallout 4 PC gamers.

Also, the game got Steam deck verification status.

Bug Fixes

Fallout 4 Next Gen Upgrade is Live for PC, Xbox, and PlayStations

PlayStation 5 Upgrade

If you are one of the players who obtained the game through a PS Plus subscription then you already got to know that this update will be unavailable as a free upgrade. The PlayStation played a cheap trick and placed it in the paid upgrade section.

Bethesda already knows it and made a community post on X about this situation. And if you Want to play the game on PlayStation then you need to spend money to get this update on your PS5. 

However, Bethesda is working on a fix once the fix is done the PS Plus subscriber can download the PS5 version for free.

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