Pokemon Go Weather week event: Bonuses, Rewards and Duration

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Pokemon fans your wait is over Cause the Pokemon Go Weather Week event has started. Explore the Pokemon Go Weather Week collection, challenges, tasks, and Rewards. 

What are the Pokemon Go weather week event Collection Challenges Tasks and Rewards?

The weather week collection challenges, tasks and rewards are as follows:

Pokemon go weather week
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Weather Week Collection Challenge: Castform

  • Catch Castform
  • Catch Castform (Sunny)
  • Catch Castform (Rainy)
  • Catch Castform (Snowy)
  • Rewards: 5000x Stardust, 1x Incense

Weather Week Collection Challenge

  • Catch Helioptile
  • Catch Amaura
  • Catch Paras
  • Catch Drifloon
  • Catch Castform
  • Rewards: 7500x Stardust

Event Start Time and Details:


  • Starts Thursday, March 14 2024 AT 10:00 am. Local time
  • Ends Monday, March 18, 2024, at 8:00 pm. Local Time

What are the Event Bonuses?

  • 2X Stardust for Catching Pokemon
  • Catch Pokemon with Weather Boost to earn extra Stardust
  • Increased Chance of encountering Shiny Castform

Castform Pokemon will appear more frequently in the wild throughout the event in their respective weather conditions during the event and also have increased chances of being shiny when they are spotted.

 Regular SpriteShiny Sprite
Normal Castform
Sunny Castform
Rainy Castform
Snowy Castform

How to complete Pokemon Go Weather Week field research tasks?

Along with the collection challenges of Weather Week field research tasks are also available during the event the tasks rewards and encounters are as follows:

  • Catch 5 Pokemon with Weather Boost – Paras encounter [shiny variant available], Drifloon encounter [shiny variant available], Helioptile encounter [shiny variant available], or Amaura encounter [shiny variant available]
  • Catch 7 Pokemon with Weather Boost – 750x Stardust
  • Catch 10 Pokemon with Weather Boost – Castform encounter [shiny variant available], Castform (Sunny) encounter [shiny variant available], Castform (Rainy) encounter [shiny variant available], Castform (Snowy) encounter [shiny variant available]


  1. Q: What is the Pokemon Go Weather Week event?

    • A: The Pokemon Go Weather Week event is a limited-time event organized by Niantic that introduces weather-themed bonuses, rewards, and activities for players.
  2. Q: When does the Pokemon Go Weather Week event take place?

    • A: The duration of the Pokemon Go Weather Week event varies and is typically announced by Niantic. Trainers can expect to participate in the event for a specific period.
  3. Q: What bonuses are available during the Pokemon Go Weather Week event?

    • A: During the Weather Week event, trainers can enjoy bonuses such as increased Pokemon spawns, exclusive field research tasks, bonus Stardust and XP, weather-themed raid battles, and special egg hatches with incubator bonuses.
  4. Q: How can I maximize rewards during the Pokemon Go Weather Week event?

    • A: To maximize rewards during the Weather Week event, consider planning your gameplay schedule, leveraging weather boosts for rare encounters, and optimizing egg hatching techniques.
  5. Q: How can I stay informed about upcoming Pokemon Go events and announcements?

    • A: Stay connected with the Pokemon Go community by following official Niantic updates, engaging with community forums, and keeping an eye on social media channels for event announcements and news.

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