Why am i so bad at video games all of a sudden?

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Frustrated from continuously failing in Games? and Wondering Why am I so bad at video games all of a sudden. Then you are at the right Place. In this article, we will tell you every possible reason affecting your Gaming performance.

Why am i so bad at video games all of a sudden?

There could be many reasons behind the sudden drop in your gaming performance. Factors such as stress, fatigue, and distractions may all play a role in your low gaming performance.

1. Mental and Emotional tensions:

If a gamer is in an unstable mental or emotional state which could be for any reason whether it is a personal issue or a professional this impacts negatively on your gaming performance.

 Psychological pressure like fear of failure or performance anxiety may hinder your performance. Similarly, your emotional state including stress and mood swings can affect your ability to focus and react effectively.

2. Physical Issues: 

Some games require high reflexes Like Valorant and PUBG. So, If you do not have Quality sleep and follow an unhealthy lifestyle then will face these issues. Fatigue and sleep deprivation can impair cognitive function and reflexes, while physical health issues may impact reaction time.

Do regular exercise for 30 minutes daily to be in good shape both physically and mentally.

3. Gaming Environment

Ensuring a comfortable and efficient gaming setup is crucial for maintaining optimal performance.

Place your setup in a quiet environment where generally no one bothers you. By eliminating external distractions, time constraints, and the social pressure of friends and family you will see enormous improvements. Balancing gaming with other responsibilities and managing external stressors is crucial for maintaining focus.

Why am i so bad at video games all of a sudden
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4. Game-Specific Factors

Recent updates of the game and changes in play style meta Like nerfing your favorite character, guns, and abilities can be a reason behind low performance as you are not adapted to the new meta then so it’s better to keep grinding and play more matches to make you comfortable with the new play style.

5. Skill Development and Practice

Maybe you’re lacking with skill and practice. Gaming requires practice and skills to win every game if you’re not practicing and improving your skills you’re not gonna compete with another player who is grinding hrs to compete with you just gonna fall short against him.

Keep grinding and improving because there is always a chance of improvement.

6. Coping and Switching Strategies frequently

Generally takes time to master any strategy many gamers continuously switch their strategies which results in poor performance as they do not give enough time to a specific strategy or play style to master it.

Frequently changing your strategy or place style negatively affects your confidence and performance.

You can also watch the video below for further guidance:

Tips to Improve gameplay:

Follow and implement the tips shared below performance and you will see enormous changes in your gameplay performance:

  1. Sleep well and exercise
  2. Eat healthy
  3. Balance your gaming and professional life
  4. Build a good setup at a quiet place
  5. Stick to a single strategy 
  6. Practice and Improve
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In the end, A sudden drop in someone’s gaming performance is a frustrating experience as you play games to relax but if you don’t play well It causes anger in you resulting in an even worse performance.

To avoid this follow the tips given above in the article including having a good quality sleep and following a healthy lifestyle will help boost your inner happiness and focus which is essential for gaming.


  • Why do I suddenly feel so incompetent at video games?

  • Sudden dips in gaming performance can be caused by various factors such as stress, fatigue, distractions, changes in game dynamics, or lack of practice. Identifying the root cause can help address the issue effectively.

  • How can I regain my skills and confidence in gaming?

  • Regaining skills and confidence involves self-reflection, practicing regularly, seeking support from experienced gamers, adjusting gameplay approach, and managing external stressors effectively.

  • Is it normal to go through phases of poor performance in gaming?

  • Yes, it’s normal to experience fluctuations in gaming performance due to various factors. Plateaus and slumps are part of the learning process, and with time and effort, performance can improve.

  • Should I seek professional help if my gaming performance continues to decline?

  • If performance issues persist despite efforts to address them, seeking professional help, such as from a gaming coach or therapist, can provide valuable guidance and support.

  • Are there any specific techniques or exercises to improve gaming abilities?

  • Yes, techniques like setting realistic goals, trying new genres, watching tutorials, and practicing specific skills can enhance gaming abilities. Additionally, managing stress, maintaining physical health, and ensuring an ergonomic gaming setup can also contribute to improvement.

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