How to get out of Jail in Dragon’s Dogma 2? Tricks

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Looking for Tips on How to Get Out of Jail in Dragon’s Dogma 2? Then you are at the right place. In this article, we will share tricks on how to get Infinite Get out of Jail Keys in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

How to get out of Jail in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, you’ll be sent to jail (or Gaol in the Game term for jail) if you are caught committing a crime.

For Example:- If you throw one or two guards off the bridge into the river then, other guards will come to you and attack you after the defeat they’ll drag you off to Gaol. Don’t worry you won’t die you’ll be stuck in a jail cell. The punishment stays for up to 2 days. Once you get released from jail all your crimes will be forgiven and you will be given all your gear back once you leave the jail premises.

How to get out of Jail in dragon;s dogma 2
Makeshift Jail keys

Methods to escape from the Jail (Gaol):

  • Bribing Guards: Approach the guards in the jail cell, You can pay them for your release it generally costs about 50% of the gold you are carrying at that time. It is the costliest way to get out of jail.
  • Keys: Players can use the Makeshift Jail Keys to escape. You’ll need to get x3 Makeshift Jail Keys to use the back entrance of the jail. Or you can get a perfect, reusable key.
  • Breaking the walls: Find the weak wall in your jail cell brake to find the escape route. Check every wall in your cell if you find it weak just break it to go in another cell and repeat.

Remember, Makeshift Jail Keys are a highly rare item and will cost you 3000 G for a single key. You need 3 keys to escape from the back door of the Jail. All 3 keys together will cost you 9000G which is a much cheaper alternative to Bribing Method.


Where to find all these Keys?

  • Ibrahim’s Scrap store: At Abraham’s Scrap store you can buy 2X Makeshift gaol keys in 6000G.
  • Travelling Merchant: You can buy 3rd makeshift gaol key from Melve a traveling merchant near the front door of the Jail. With all three keys, you’ll be able to escape one time.

How can I get a permanent Jail Key to Escape everytime?

To get a permanent Jail Key you need to progress the game story. Then meet the Knight Captain Brant at the place named Vernworth and ask him about the magistrate. Once you do all this the new story arc of the caged Magistrate begins, During this Brant will give you a key.

This is a temporary key that can only be used once during the mission but here are the tricks to keep it forever for future escapes.

How to get out of Jail in Dragon’s Dogma 2
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Trick to keep the Makeshift key permanently to yourself:

  • Start the story of “the caged magistrate” by talking to Brant at Venworth and ask him about the magistrate to start the quest.
  • Once the story starts, Brant will give you a gaol key which can be used temporarily during the mission.
  • Take the key and travel to checkpoint rest town and find Ibrahim’s scrap store then select the forgeries option for 5000G.
  • Then wait for 2 days and return back to collect a perfect copy of the original Jail key which you can keep it to yourself permanently.
  • This new key is a perfect copy of the original one and also works as well as the original.

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