Dragon’s Dogma 2 release: Unbiased Early reviews

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The New Dragon’s Dogma 2  release worldwide on Thursday evening. The game is developed by CAPCOM Co. Ltd. Currently the game is set at the most negative review on steam with only 34% of reviews positive.

What's The issue with the Game?

CAPCOM’s new ARPG Game Dragons Dogma 2 is now officially available for PC through the Steam platform. Later on, it will be live for Playstations and Xbox. This game is a sequel of fan-favorite Dragon’s Dogma which was released a decade ago.

As the game became available on PC a previously hidden suite of microtransaction purchases also became available for purchases.

These include everything including Rift Crystals used to hire other players’ Pawns, Art of Metamorphosis tomes needed to change a character’s appearance, as well as Wakestone revival items, Portcrystal fast travel points, one-use keys to escape prison cells, incenses for editing a Pawn’s inclination (the inclination your Pawn receives is randomized, by the way), monster lures, and even special camping equipment that weighs less than normal gear. They’re all viewable on the Dragon’s Dogma 2 DLC website.

Dragon's Dogma 2 release
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All these micro-transaction ranges from $1 to $5 most of them can be purchased in limited quantities but some can be bought infinitely. The Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a $70 single-player RPG game that’s why most of the players are not happy with it.

This resulted in negative ratings of the game that already brought this game into the “mostly negative” category of Steam.

These negative ratings will definitely impact the game’s overall popularity among fans. CAPCOM must listen to the fans and should take appropriate action to cool down player’s anger.

Early Reviews by Players

The game is receiving mixed reviews on the Internet some commenting in support of the game, whereas some putting negative comments over the game and Publisher CAPCOM.

You can Read the review by players we show cased below:

Dragons Dogma 2 release
Dragons Dogma 2 release
Dragons Dogma 2 release
Dragons Dogma 2 release


Dragons Dogma 2 is a new release under the banner of Capcom Ltd. It is a sequel to fan-favorite Dragons Dogma game released a decade ago and fans were eagerly waiting for its launch. But as the game became available on Steam, the players started putting negative reviews over the game’s microtransaction features through which the perks can be bought for limited to infinite times. 

These negative reviews flooded on Steam resulting in getting the game in mostly negative reviews section of the platform.

Hopefully, the publisher will listen to the players and fix the issue so, it does not affect the game’s overall popularity.

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